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Adriaan Korthuis


Adriaan Korthuis is a founding partner and director of Climate Focus. He is an authority on the design and implementation of the international climate policy. Prior to founding Climate Focus, Adriaan managed the carbon credit purchases from Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation for the Dutch government. He has a long track-record in working successfully in government-funded programmes as the bridge between government and business.

Adriaan holds an MSc in Food Science from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His down-to-earth approach is combined with the technical insight of an engineer and the market savvy of an international business developer.

Charlotte Streck

Charlotte Streck is Director of Climate Focus and a former Senior Counsel with the World Bank in Washington, DC. Charlotte has been actively involved in climate change policy and carbon projects throughout her career and has worked, among others, on the setting up several of the World Bank’s carbon funds. Charlotte is an advisor to numerous governments, private companies, foundations, and non for profit organizations and is actively involved in the debate around the development of new carbon finance mechanisms in the area of reducing emissions from deforestation, climate resilient agriculture, national and international climate frameworks, and a reform of the current Kyoto Mechanisms. She serves on several advisory and editorial panels, is lead counsel for climate change with the Center for International Sustainable Development Law with McGill University, an adjunct lecturer of Potsdam University and an advisor to the Prince of Wales Rainforest Project.


Jeremy Broadhead is an international forestry expert and senior consultant at Climate  Focus. He has eighteen years of experience working in Lao PDR, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya and Botswana as well as on Asia-Pacific and global issues. His experience ranges from project preparation and management to forestry policy analysis and linking climate change objectives to forest management. Prior to joining Climate Focus Jeremy worked as a forestry officer with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok. He spent the first part of his career working in forestry in Central Kalimantan and subsequently joined the World Agroforestry Center in Kenya as a research associate. He has also worked with FAO in Rome and the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank in Southeast Asia.  Jeremy is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand where he is the lead REDD+ policy expert for the USAID funded program on Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF).

Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecological Science from the University of Edinburgh, UK and a PhD in Agroforestry from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Juan Pablo Castro


Juan Pablo Castro is a senior environmental planner and climate change expert with a wealth of experience in greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, programs and policies, and carbon asset management. Juan Pablo provides risk assessments for public and private sector entities and financial institutions. He has significant cross-sectoral experience in Latin America and the Caribbean and he has worked on a number of initiatives in renewable energy, energy efficiency, fuel switch, waste management, REDD+, and agriculture. Based on his experience, he has developed a keen sense for the organizational and operational complexity of GHG emission reduction initiatives. Juan Pablo currently heads up the Climate Focus branch based in Colombia, whose aim is to strengthen the company's commitment towards the development of low carbon development strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has a background in science, policy, and management.

Juan Pablo studied Political Science at the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, holds a master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from The Johns Hopkins University in the U.S., and a master's degree in International Public Management and Policy from the Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Darragh Conway

Darragh Conway is a lawyer specializing in international environmental and climate change law. He has experience in analyzing domestic, European and international legal systems relating to climate change and advising on the implementation of projects in the context of regulatory uncertainty. His recent focus has been on legal steps required for the implementation of REDD policies and projects in Africa and Asia. Prior to joining Climate Focus, Darragh worked on academic and UN-mandated research projects at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on international environmental and climate change regulation.

Darragh holds a Bachelor of Laws from University College Dublin and a Master of Laws in International Law from the University of Edinburgh. He is a member of the New York Bar.


johnJohn Costenbader is a Senior Consultant on Forestry and Carbon Markets.  At Climate Focus, his work includes forestry carbon standards, REDD+ jurisdictional and nested initiatives, and climate-smart agriculture. John formerly worked as Legal Officer on REDD+ and adaptation legal frameworks with the Environmental Law Centre of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Bonn, Germany. Prior to that, John conducted government program evaluation research in Africa and Latin America, and served as a forestry volunteer with the Peace Corps in Mali.

John holds a BA in Philosophy from Colby College in Maine, an MPA in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and a JD from The George Washington University Law School.  He is a member of the New York Bar.

Mercedes Fernandez

MercedesFernandezMercedes Fernández is an environmental law expert with a focus on the legal and regulatory aspects of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the EU Emission Trading Scheme. She serves as focal point for all contacts and clients in Spain and Portugal. Mercedes has evaluated dozens of carbon finance transactions, in particular in South America. Before joining Climate Focus, Mercedes worked with the European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (E5), the European Commission Taiex programme and the German Öko Institut.

Mercedes studied law in Spain, the US, and Italy, and holds a Master in European Law from the University of Liege, Belgium.


Hilda Galt is a technical consultant specialising in the development and assessment of CDM projects, and advising on the operational aspects of the Kyoto Protocol. She has experience in project design under the CDM and voluntary standards, and specialises in coupling climate finance with social benefits across a range of developing country contexts. She has professional experience developing low-carbon business development strategies in the waste water treatment sector, and in communicating the science and business of climate change to a wide range of stakeholders.

Hilda holds an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Business, and a BSc in Ecological Science with Honours in Conservation and Ecological Management.


Marta Garcia

Marta García is Office Manager for Climate Focus in the Amsterdam office. Some of her responsibilities are support to bookkeeping, travel arrangements, procurement, maintenance of the data management system and general administration. Marta has  more than 15 years of experience working with International Companies in the capacity of Management Assistant, Personal Assistant and Office Manager.

Marta studied Administration and also holds a Bachelor degree in Social Work. She has been living in The Netherlands for more than 16 years.


Sandra Greiner


Sandra Greiner is a carbon market expert and senior consultant at Climate Focus. She has over ten years of experience in carbon market transactions and climate policy related advice and is a leading expert in baseline and monitoring methodologies of GHG emission reduction projects. Sandra has broad international experience and market expertise where she has provided tailored advice to project developers, large corporate buyers, governments and multinationals.  Her recent focus is on energy efficiency in the the building sector, Programmes of Activities and carbon market mechanisms in a post-2012 environment. Prior to joining Climate Focus, Sandra worked for the World Bank in Washington D.C. where she was last responsible for integrating carbon finance into the World Bank’s lending portfolio in East Asia.

Sandra holds a PhD in economics from Hamburg University.


Franziska Haupt is a consultant with broad expertise in land use, forestry and climate change mitigation. She has experience in policy consulting, development cooperation, and project management. Franziska previously supported the Kyrgyz government in the development and preparation of a World Bank project for community-based forestation, carbon trading, improved forest management, and biodiversity. In addition, she worked as a consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with a focus on the mitigation benefits of wood energy, CDM Forestry, REDD+, and international climate policy. She has been involved in the field of climate change and forestry since 2006, starting with her work for the Permanent Mission of Papua New Guinea to the United Nations.

Franziska holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics from the Humboldt University Berlin, and a BSc in Forest Science from the Technical University of Munich. She has also attended a one-year exchange program at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Anne Haynes

Anne HaynesAnne Haynes is the Executive Assistant/Office Manager for Climate Focus North America based in Washington DC.  She joined Climate Focus in February 2010, and has 15 years of office management and professional experience.  Anne's responsibilities include payroll management, benefits, administration, human resources, and office accounting.  Anne is also involved in project administration and managing logistics for the Climate Focus staff. 

Anne graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising from Principia College.  

Astrid heeling

Astrid Heeling is Climate Focus’ office manager in Amsterdam.  Her main responsibilities include procurement, travel bookings, processing cost claims and project and general administration.  Before joining Climate Focus she gained professional experience as an office manager and financial assistant at an agency for opera singers and conductors. Prior to this, she worked eight years at the international department for the corporate market at American Express. Astrid also volunteered for several years in a refugee camp in Amsterdam where she organized activities for women and their children.

Astrid studied Tourism and Hotel Management and started her career at the Austrian Tourist Board in Tel Aviv and Munich. She has travelled extensively through South East Asia and Latin America, and has been living in Amsterdam for 14 years.

Jelmer Hoogzaad


Jelmer Hoogzaad is a technical expert in CDM and JI project development, risk management, and Green Investment Schemes. He is an expert on the risk assessment of carbon projects, in particular in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He has lead due diligences on wind and biogas projects, hydropower plants, coal mine methane projects. Jelmer has supported mergers and acquisitions by valuating diverse portfolios and pipelines of carbon projects.  Jelmer also acts as the Secretariat of the Joint Implementation Action Group. Before joining Climate Focus, Jelmer gained specific experience with JI projects in economies in transition with the Dutch government.

Jelmer holds a master’s degree in Natural Sciences and Innovation Management from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Bamshad Houshyani


Bamshad Houshyani is a senior technical consultant at Climate Focus with extensive experience in methodology, MRV and project development including validation/issuance support under different mechanisms (e.g. CDM/PoA, VCS and GS). In EB 73 he was appointed as a UNFCCC Small Scale Working Group member. He has a broad technical knowledge in various types of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental solutions including waste (water) management technologies.

He has worked on numerous carbon project developments, project assessments, methodology drafting/revisions and validation/MRV support for projects in Asia, Africa, Latin/North America and the Middle East.  The assignments he has been involved comprise technologies for micro to large scale projects including hydropower, single to combined cycle power plants, wind energy, biomass power plants, energy efficiency in buildings, industrial waste heat recovery, wastewater and landfill gas recovery, bio-digesters, solar water heaters, efficient cooking stoves and water purification systems. He has a B.Sc. in Irrigation and Drainage engineering from Guilan University, a M.Sc. in river and hydro-structures engineering from T.M. Tehran University and a M.Sc. in Energy Science and Sustainability from Utrecht University, the Netherlands.


Paul Keenlyside is a Climate, Forest and Land-use Consultant for Climate Focus. He is a specialist in international climate change law and finance and has experience working on both mitigation and adaptation projects. In addition, Paul has written widely on climate and energy law with a focus on the phasing out of coal power internationally. Prior to his graduate studies, Paul worked in the human rights field as an advisor at a refugee and migrant service and a prisoners’ rights NGO.

Paul holds a Master of Laws in International Environmental Law from The George Washington University Law School, a Graduate Diploma in Law and a B.A. in English from Oxford University.


Egbert Liese is an Asscoiate Senior Consultant and Carbon Market Expert. He works to develop new business and as the Project Manager for climate finance in the financial sector.

Egbert is one of the early Carbon Market pioneers, in which he has been active for over 14 years. Egbert has significant experience in managing large carbon procurement projects. Previously, he was Managing Director and Principal Portfolio Manager at Natsource where he raised and managed a EUR 130 million fund. Before joining Natsource, Egbert was responsible for originating, structuring and managing transactions at the EBRD. Prior to this, he held several management positions in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, where he acted as deputy manager of the program, known for the execution of the procurement tenders ERUPT and CERUPT. During the last 14 years, Egbert frequently participated in dissemination, on the job training and other capacity building activities in host countries.

Egbert holds a Master of International Economic Relations with a focus on International Environmental Policy and Corporate Finance from the University of Amsterdam, and completed his Bachelor degree at Windesheim in the Netherlands.


Szymon Mikolajczyk is a carbon market analyst with a financial academic background. He has experience in financial risk assessment of emission reduction projects, and is involved in performing carbon asset valuations and price forecasting. Aside from dealing with the financial aspects of the carbon markets, Szymon has experience in analysing baseline methodologies and assessing additionality of emission reduction projects.

Szymon holds a B.Sc. in Ecology and Conservation from the University of Sussex and a M.Sc. in Finance & Investments from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and recently passed the first level of the CFA certification.


Charlie Parker is Executive Director of Climate Focus North America. He has an extensive career in land use policy and is an MSc graduate in Environmental Economics and Policy from Imperial College, London.  Following on from his studies Charlie worked at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change before joining the Global Canopy Programme, a UK based think tank that develops policy and science-based research for tropical forest conservation. During his time at the GCP, Charlie worked on land use policy, including publications such as the Little REDD Book and Little Climate Finance Book, and he managed and developed theREDDdesk – a collaborative platform on deforestation in developing countries. 

Charlie first graduated from the University of Manchester with an MSc in Physics and Astrophysics.  During his early career, he worked as a management consultant in Europe and Australia.  Upon returning to the UK, Charlie formed his own consultancy and worked in London for two years prior to restarting his studies.


Thuy Phung is a Junior Policy Advisor at Climate Focus. She is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, where she supports the USAID-funded program on Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF). Thuy has experience in greenhouse gas accounting, low emissions development strategies, and climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation. Prior to joining Climate Focus, Thuy worked for ICF International where she contributed to the U.S. national greenhouse gas inventory and conducted vulnerability assessment analysis for a variety of clients, including USAID, the World Bank, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, U.S. EPA, and U.S. DOT. Thuy holds a BA in Economics and Environmental Policy from Williams College, Massachusetts, USA.


Stephanie Roe is a Land Use and Climate Specialist with expertise in natural resource policy and economics, tropical forestry and ecology, and climate-smart agriculture. She has worked with various national and sub-national governments, multilateral organizations and NGOs on research, policy design and field implementation of interventions that integrate climate change, ecosystem conservation and social objectives. At Climate Focus, her work has encompassed governance due diligence for REDD+ finance, agriculture strategies, safeguards and drivers of deforestation. Previously, Stephanie worked with the United Nations to support the implementation of REDD+ in Indonesia’s pilot province, Central Kalimantan. She has also negotiated international climate policy as a Delegate for the Philippine Delegation to the UNFCCC, and advised government agencies in Brazil on social and environmental valuation and climate change legislation. Prior to that, Stephanie consulted Fortune 500 companies and cities on sustainability initiatives and climate policies with The Climate Group in New York.

Stephanie holds a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration from San Diego State University.


Lauren Stanley is a lawyer specializing in international, environmental and climate change law. She has experience with REDD+ policies and safeguards, drivers of deforestation in agriculture, forestry and land use sectors, and analyzing land use change in ASEAN countries. Prior to joining Climate Focus, Lauren worked in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Legal Department. She has also worked on academic research projects at the University of Wisconsin Law School focused on international climate change, human rights and the environment. Lauren has a BA in Journalism and French from Indiana University and a JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School.



TheoVarnsTheo Varns is a Forest and Land Use Consultant focusing on projects contributing to mitigation and adaptation in the land-use sector. He has broad field experience in conservation and development in Latin America, including research on smallholder farmer livelihoods in Argentina and Brazil, improved cookstove benefits in Honduras, and the implications of REDD+ for Amazonian indigenous groups. Prior to his graduate studies, he served for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala on sustainable community tourism development in both a cloud forest and coastal mangrove site.

Theo holds a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a BA in biology from Washington University in St. Louis.


Pearl Wallace is the office manager of Climate Focus' Berlin office. Initially assigned responsibility for setting up the Berlin office, her primary role is overseeing financial and general operations, including office accounting and payroll, updating website content and publishing the online newsletter. She also works collaboratively between offices, which includes editing texts by non-native speakers of English.

Pearl has many years of experience in the banking industry, managing and training teams responsible for corporate and private loan portfolios in City of London-based merchant banks, restructuring asset management, and working on bank assignments in other European countries. In 2010, she set up her own freelance company providing teaching of business English and English for Special Purposes, and the editing of non-native English text, particularly for corporate clients.

Pearl holds a BA (Honours) in Modern Language Studies from the Open University, a Diploma in French from the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Bankers London, and a University of Cambridge CELTA certificate.


Monika Zurek is a Senior Consultant Agriculture and Land Use with Climate Focus. She has extensive experience in working on climate change, environment and agriculture interactions in international organizations as well as in the philanthropy sector. She worked in the Agricultural Development Team of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on strategies to improve environmental sustainability of agricultural systems as well as farmers’ management of agricultural risk. Before that she served as an environmental economist for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) focusing on food security and climate change/environmental change interactions, payments for ecosystem services and mainstreaming environmental consideration into economic decision-making in various African and Latin American countries. She was also part of the Technical Support Unit of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), working particularly on developing scenarios of possible future environmental changes and their impacts on people. She started her career as a researcher with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) working in Costa Rica and Mexico on research projects to investigate the processes governing small-scale farmers’ adoption of environmentally friendly practices in developing countries.

Monika holds a PhD in agricultural economics from the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany, and a degree in agricultural biology (dipl. ag.biol.) from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. She has published papers on methodologies for forward-looking exercises as well as on food security and global change issues and was a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD).



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