Reducing carbon emissions with Nuetech solar water heaters in India

Reducing carbon emissions with Nuetech solar water heaters in India

Nuetech Solar produces solar water heaters in India for households and small companies and institutions. It has developed a portfolio of over 75,000 SWHs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with over 140,000 tCO2e/year. Climate Focus supports the certification and sale of  emission reductions from solar water heater manufacturers in India, helping them compete with conventional electric geysers.

Indian power production is based on coal. Each kWh of electricity that is saved reduces greenhouse gas emissions with 1 kg of CO2. The capacity to reduce emissions depends on the size of the solar water heater, but in average, one device saves nearly 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The Nuetech programme brings several benefits which go beyond the climate impact:

1.   It makes households energy independent, creating awareness of low carbon solutions and the vast renewable energy resources to which India has access;

2.   It alleviates the environmental damage caused by open-cast coal mining and coal-fired power generation; and

3.   It reduces household spending on energy.

Climate Focus is assisting Nuetech Solar with the registration of its project under the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC, the reporting on emission reductions realised, issuance and marketing of the Certified Emission Reductions. The first batch of credits were sold to a US-based software company.



Nuetech On the Fore Front of Reducing Carbon Emissions

Release Date

November 2016

Team Members

Jelmer Hoogzaad
Associate Senior Consultant