06 December 2021

[New Publication] Cocoa Landscape Mapping in the Orinoquía

The vast majority of areas deemed suitable for cocoa cultivation are currently utilized for extensive cattle ranching...
09 November 2021

[New Publication] Achieving a 1.5°c future requires a food systems approach

We won’t have a shot at achieving a 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement if we don’t rapidly reduce emissions from food systems.
09 November 2021

[New Publication] NDCS Increasingly Becoming a Force for Nature

A new report by WWF and Climate Focus has found that countries are increasingly recognizing the value of nature-based solutions (NbS) in their efforts to address the climate crisis.
27 October 2021

Governments: use voluntary carbon markets to boost sustainable development

Governments can use voluntary carbon markets to tap into additional greenhouse gas mitigation. The VCM Vision & Action Agenda launched today with key recommendations from a halfyear of consultations.
26 October 2021

[Job Vacancy] Graphic Designer

Climate Focus has a new vacancy for a graphic designer with a 15 November 2021 application deadline.
20 October 2021

Join our Team! 6 New Job Vacancies at Climate Focus

Climate Focus is looking to fill 6 new job vacancies across our offices.
12 October 2021

[New Publication] Taking stock of national climate action for forests: Goal 7 Progress Report

The 2021 NYDF Assessment report focuses on Goal 7 of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF).
11 October 2021

[Blog] Shifting finance towards sustainable land use: redirecting financial markets

Thiago Chagas and Danick Trouwloon discuss three key opportunities for governments to recalibrate financial regulations.
11 October 2021

[Blog] Towards a greener, fairer and more productive land use sector in Colombia

Manuelita Montaño discusses the challenging reality of Colombia's land use sector, the opportunities for a rural green growth, and tapping into the potential to shift public finance.
11 October 2021

[Case Study] Shifting finance towards sustainable land use: A case study for Colombia

A new, collaborative set of publications seeks to support governments in their efforts to reorient finance flowing to the land sector.
06 October 2021

[New Publication] Policy Brief: Leveraging public procurement to promote sustainable diets in the European Union

Putting sustainable food procurement policies into practice across the European Union and its Member States has the potential to tackle environmental and health challenges…
06 October 2021

VCM Global Dialogue publishes five discussion papers with supply-side perspectives on the voluntary carbon market

The VCM Global Dialogue has now published five discussion papers that identify how voluntary carbon markets can drive mitigation activities that support national climate plans + more.
24 September 2021

[New Publication] Shifting finance towards sustainable land use

Globally, agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) drive about one-quarter of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
22 September 2021

[Blog] Ambitious carbon pricing and a just transition should go hand in hand

The latest report of the IPCC is clear: the window of opportunity to reverse global warming is shrinking. Our economies must go through profound transformations at increasing speed and scale...
15 September 2021

[Blog] The VCM as a catalyst of climate action beyond public action by governments

We discuss the role of project developers and how the recent wave of corporate climate commitments has changed the voluntary carbon market.
25 August 2021

[Blog] Corporates and governments would benefit significantly from joining forces in voluntary carbon markets

In the effort to halt global heating, large global corporates and developing country governments should join forces to stop deforestation and build resilient economies.
20 August 2021

[Blog] Governments can exploit the untapped potential of the VCM to scale-up emission reductions

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) represents a great opportunity to mobilize significant investments in climate action in developing countries.
02 August 2021

[Report] Voluntary Carbon Market Dashboard H1 2021 Update

We’ve just released the 2021 half-year update report highlighting the direction of the VCM through our VCM Dashboard, including historical volumes up to H1 2021 and projections for H2 2021.
02 August 2021

[Blog] Balancing the Needs of Stakeholders for a Successful Voluntary Carbon Market

The VCM Global Dialogue Initiative puts the supply-side at the center of the conversation on how to shape the voluntary carbon market, balancing the needs of stakeholders.
07 July 2021

[Video Series] A Series on Carbon Pricing Including: Emission Trading Schemes & Carbon Taxes, Crediting Schemes, and Internal Carbon Pricing

Climate Focus has released a new video series on carbon pricing looking specifically at emission trading schemes & carbon taxes, crediting schemes, and internal carbon pricing.
05 July 2021

[E-Course] Communicating Carbon Pricing

A new self-paced interactive e-course helps you learn how to best integrate communications into the design of your carbon price.
03 July 2021

[New Publication] Article 6 readiness in NDCs and NDC Implementation Plans

A new study supports countries and other stakeholders to understand how they can enhance ‘readiness’ for future Article 6 collaboration in their NDCs and NDC implementation plans.