Climate Focus and Tact Launch MRV+

Climate Focus and Tact Launch MRV+

Climate Focus and its software partner, Tact L3C, have developed a new tool to help you easily manage the performance of your carbon program(s). The Mogli MRV+ tool uses mobile smartphone and tablet devices to monitor, report and verify project data instantly, accurately and cost effectively. Through our experience in helping clients to monitor the performance of their programs, we've found that paper surveys are slow, cumbersome and at risk of error. It can be months before results are organized and accessible. A quick solution is simply to change the way you gather and manage performance data. 


With Mogli MRV+, field staff can easily view or create surveys, collect GPS coordinates and complete surveys in real time. Instantly, data is captured, backed up and shared with headquarters and other locations around the world. If you're working in remote areas, Mogli MRV+ works offline too.

Mogli MRV+
Mogli MRV+ allows your field teams to measure, report and verify data instantly, accurately and cost effectively. Field tracking has never been simpler.

Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of emission reductions or other sustainable development co-benefits is a major effort for many project developers. This is especially so when dealing with decentralized technologies dispersed over wide geographical areas, such as household biogas digesters, clean cookstoves or efficient lighting systems. Mogli MRV+ offers a cost effective and efficient solution. MRV+ has the potential to save costs and reduce errors, and is also an opportunity to significantly enhance transparency of the carbon asset and its associated co-benefits. 

The Mogli MRV+ tool can be designed to fit the needs of your program, including custom surveys and data management.

One of the MRV+ screens

We've developed a customized tool for application in household biogas projects that is freely available for download and use. The biogas MRV+ tool is specifically designed to cover the mandatory monitoring criteria in all the carbon methodologies applicable to household biogas. This includes the CDM's AMS-I.E., AMS-I.C., AMS-I.I and AMS-IIIR methodologies, and The Gold Standard's Technologies and Practices to Displace Decentralized Thermal Energy Consumption methodology.  


The tool is now ready for download. If you'd prefer to customize the tool in any way, we are here to help! Please feel free to get in touch.

Advantages of using the Mogli MRV+
Reduced time and effort for staff collecting user data, and for the monitoring manager in receiving, storing and managing dataReduced time and effort for monitoring managers receiving, storing and managing data
Quicker data collection, processing, transfer and back-up. No need for manual data entry from paper to electronic formats.Provides real-time information on the performance of installed biogas systems when staff are in the field
Easy sharing of information with third parties (carbon buyers, donors, etc.)Reduced risk of false data inputs and errors
Using the MRV+ tool

Development of the MRV+ tool for household biogas has been co-funded by KfW's POA Support Centre.

Release Date

January 2014

Team Members

Sandra Greiner
Lead Consultant