Implementing a carbon finance programme under EBRD’s green credit line in Turkey

Implementing a carbon finance programme under EBRD’s green credit line in Turkey

Climate Focus is supporting the EBRD with the implementation of a carbon finance programme component under the Mid-size Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MidSEFF) in Turkey. MidSEFF is a 1.5 billion Euro green credit line that supports renewable energy and energy efficiency investments. 

Turkey has been a leading supplier of voluntary carbon credits, providing banks with opportunities to monetise the climate impacts generated by funded investments. The technical assistance programme, started in 2010, is developing and promoting the participation of Turkish banks and companies in Turkey’s domestic carbon market. This includes sharing information related to on-going carbon market developments, national and international climate policy developments, and monetisation strategies. 

The programme builds capacity on carbon markets at three levels:

  • National level: Capacity building and policy dialogue on topics around the voluntary carbon market, Article 6, international offset schemes (e.g. CORSIA), and climate policies.
  • Carbon project support: Support for originating, developing, monitoring carbon projects, as well as support with monetisation of generated carbon assets
  • Bank Support: Developing Turkish banks’ carbon market services, including brokerage, trading, and project origination.

All programme related information can be viewed here. 

Release Date

March 2012

Team Members

Thiago Chagas
Lead Legal Consultant
Lieke 't Gilde
Senior Consultant
Adriaan Korthuis
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Imogen Long
Szymon Mikolajczyk
Lead Consultant