Zero-Deforestation Commodity Supply Chains by 2020: Are we on Track?

Zero-Deforestation Commodity Supply Chains by 2020: Are we on Track?

Zero-deforestation Commodity Supply Chains by 2020: Are We on Track?

Fewer than three years remain until 2020, the date by which commodity production in forest countries is supposed to be transformed. To achieve success, enhanced action and collaboration among sectors and various supply-chain actors are urgently needed. Responding to this urgency, the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU) invited leaders from the private and public sectors and civil society to a high-level dialogue. This paper seeks to provide input for this dialogue. With a view to the 2020 target, it provides an updated progress assessment of supply-chain efforts to eliminate deforestation from agricultural supply chains. The update complements and updates previous assessments, most notably the 2016 Goal 2 Progress Assessment, the TFA 2016-17 Annual Report and Commodities and Forest Agenda 2020 of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020. It focuses on five commodities: palm oil, soy, beef, wood products, and cocoa. 

Release Date

January 2018


Franziska Haupt
Managing Partner
Charlotte Streck
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Haseeb Bakhtary
Ingrid Schulte
Associate Senior Consultant

Other Authors

Contributions from:
Rafel Servent and Morgan Gillespy (CDP)
Toby Gardner and Ben Ayre (Trase)