Associate Senior Consultant

Jelmer Hoogzaad

Jelmer Hoogzaad is an associate senior consultant in emission trading at Climate Focus. Combining his experience in climate policies and projects, he has supported various governments in Europe, (Central) Asia and Africa with the development of policies and measures that mobilize funding to scale-up abatement action. The connection between projects or policies with international funding requires reliable carbon and sustainability metrics. Jelmer’s experience ranges from the application of existing carbon metrics to pioneering new methodologies and concepts under the UNFCCC on national mitigation programs. He has also advised numerous companies on monitoring the carbon emissions of their manufacturing or lending activities, allowing them to identify and develop mitigation options. Jelmer has lived and worked in Kiev, Donetsk and Almaty.

Before joining Climate Focus, Jelmer gained specific experience with Joint Implementation projects in economies in transition with the Dutch government. In addition to being an advisor with a passion for sustainability, graphic design, photography and data visualization, Jelmer enjoys being outdoors hiking or cycling with friends. 

Jelmer holds a degree from Utrecht University (MA in natural sciences and innovation management).

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