About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company and think tank that provides advice to governments and multilateral organizations, non-governmental and philanthropic organizations, and to companies across the globe. We support our clients with shaping and navigating through international and domestic climate policies, accessing climate finance, and engaging with new climate mechanisms and cooperative approaches.


Highlighted publications

Towards more sustainability in the soy supply chain:  How can EU actors support zero-deforestation and SDG efforts?
This report presents policy recommendations for the EU on how to address negative impacts of soy production which is a major driver of deforestation and sustainable degradation in Latin America.
NYDF 2019 Progress Report: Protecting and Restoring Forests
5 YEAR NYDF ASSESSMENT: Commitments to save forests have not translated to real progress - 26 million hectares of forest are lost every year, and not nearly enough natural forests are being restored.
Modelling of Article 6 Implementation Scenarios – Significance for the EBRD Regions
This report investigates the role emissions trading under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement can have in driving regional economic and environmental outcomes in the EBRD countries of operation.

Highlighted projects

The Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing
This guide, due to be published later this year, aims to support policymakers in communicating their carbon pricing policies to those audiences whose support is needed for the policy's success.
Identifying drivers for soy and cattle producers to become more sustainable
Climate Focus, on behalf of the Meridian Institute, conducted a study to identify major incentives and drivers for soy and cattle producers to make their operations more sustainable.
PMR Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers
In this handbook, Climate Focus and partners provide a practical tool to help policy makers determine whether a carbon tax is the right instrument to achieve their climate change policy goals.

Highlighted initiatives

Zon in de Stad - Sun in the city
"Seeing is believing" is the idea behind the Sun in the City initiative that encourages city dwellers to power their houses and apartments with solar panels.
NYDF Progress Assessment
Climate Focus annually leads a network of civil society groups and research institutions in undertaking a progress assessment towards the 10 goals formulated by the New York Declaration of Forests.
  Rotterdamse Klimaatoproep – Rotterdam Climate Call for Action
Dozens of Rotterdam-based companies and organisations have joined forces to accelerate the leap to a low carbon economy in Europe’s largest port city.


07 February 2020
Do carbon taxes really work? What level should the price be set at? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in detail in the E-Course on Carbon Taxation developed by Climate Focus.
27 January 2020
This new paper concludes that better stewardship of land and forests could reverse emissions in 30 tropical countries, with natural climate solutions working best to achieve Paris climate targets.
23 January 2020
Climate Focus is seeking trainees on an ongoing basis to join its team in Bogota. Recent postgraduates and advanced postgraduate students are both encouraged to apply.
22 January 2020
BBC Radio 4 is launching a monthly series on forests – over the course of the year Climate Focus co-founder and director Charlotte Streck will analyze different aspects.
15 January 2020
COP-25 was tasked to finalize the rules of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. However, despite a two-day delay in closing the conference, delegates failed to deliver on most of the pending issues.
20 November 2019
Climate Focus is the technical adviser to the airline, which has announced to offset carbon emissions from the fuel on all of its flights as part of its carbon neutrality initiative.