About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company committed to the development of policies, methodologies, programmes and projects that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Highlighted publications

Mapeo de actores e iniciativas Amazonía colombiana
This document is the result of a specific exercise in actor mapping and initiatives which are currently being implemented in the Colombian Amazon under the PID Project .
Linking the Clean Development Mechanism with the Green Climate Fund: Models for scaling up mitigation action
This publication is part of a BMUB-supported project to strengthen the CDM pipeline in Africa produced by Climate Focus, Perspectives and the AERA Group and provides a study of six applied models.
Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests - Goal 2 Assessment Report & Update on Goals 1-10
Climate Focus in partnership with the NYDF Assessment Coalition has just released the 2016 Progress Assessment report : An in-depth analysis of progress toward Goal 2 and an update on all ten goals.

Highlighted project

New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Assessment
Climate Focus in collaboration with partner institutions is working on the NYDF Progress Assessment that aims to create an information platform for effectively tracking progress of the NYDF's goals.

Recent projects

Climate Focus and partners assist Indian solar water heater manufacturer Nuetech Solar to register its project activities under...
Climate Focus has joined forces with SNV and UNIQUE to implement a two year USAID-funded initiative that aims to promote climate-...
The World Bank mandated Climate Focus with its consortium partners to explore ways in which to mobilize climate finance to...


28 November 2016
Climate Focus is pleased to announce the publication of this study prepared with Carbon Limits which explores new approaches for scaling up energy access initiatives.
15 November 2016
Global, national, and civil society leaders and Ministers worldwide joined together today at a high-level event to announce the range of forest actions that are advancing global climate goals.
07 November 2016
Sandra Greiner of Climate Focus contributes an article on emerging carbon pricing schemes in Africa together with Andrew Howard and two African co-authors in the latest IETA GHG Report 2016/17.
07 November 2016
Please join us at our side-event "Realizing African NDCs through linking the Paris Agreement's Article 6 with climate finance" along with joint organizers AERA and Perspectives.