About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company committed to the development of policies, methodologies, programmes and projects that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Highlighted publications

Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests - Goal 2 Assessment Report & Update on Goals 1-10
Climate Focus in partnership with the NYDF Assessment Coalition has just released the 2016 Progress Assessment report : An in-depth analysis of progress toward Goal 2 and an update on all ten goals.
PMR Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers
This publication, prepared by Climate Focus and its partners, has the dual purpose of providing support as well as a practical tool for policy makers and other policy leaders and influencers.
CDM Transition to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement: Options Report
The CDM transition initiative by Climate Focus and Koru Climate seeks to analyze options necessary for taking elements of the CDM forward and provide a platform to discuss them and then refine them.

Highlighted project

New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Assessment
Climate Focus, in collaboration with the NYDF Assessment Partners, has begun working on the third edition of the NYDF Progress Assessment Report, which focuses on climate finance for forest action.

Recent projects

A new initiative led by Climate Focus and Koru Climate will analyse options for how to take elements of the CDM forward and...
Supported by the International Climate Initiative (ICI) of the German Government, this project focuses on the development of...
Climate Focus is working on a project that provides an analysis of climate, environment and socio-economic impacts of beef...


24 April 2017
We're excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar where we will be giving an overview of the newly-released "Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers"
18 April 2017
Climate Focus is seeking a land use intern to join our office in Washington, D.C. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a pioneering, versatile and dynamic organization, committed to advancing new research, analysis and implementation of land use policy.


25 April 2017
Two wastewater Standardized Baselines (SBLs) have been approved by the UNFCCC, setting nationwide baseline thresholds for methane recovery from two wastewater treatment sectors in Uganda.
24 April 2017
Global Alliance for the Future of Food to host 2nd International Dialogue: The Future of Food in a Climate Changing World, 1 - 3 May, 2017, Capgemini Campus: Les Fontaines, Paris, France
20 April 2017
The West African Power Pool (WAPP) grid emission factor Standardized Baseline (SBL), designed to boost the development of carbon mitigation projects in West Africa, has been approved by the UNFCCC.
23 March 2017
Climate Focus and partners are pleased to announce their latest publication, The PMR Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers.