About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company committed to the development of policies, methodologies, programmes and projects that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Highlighted publications

Mapeo de actores e iniciativas Amazonía colombiana
This document is the result of a specific exercise in actor mapping and initiatives which are currently being implemented in the Colombian Amazon under the PID Project .
Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests - An Assessment Framework and Initial Report
Prepared by Climate Focus with the Environmental Defense Fund, Forest Trends, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, and The Global Canopy Program, this report proposes a goal monitoring framework.
Partnering for Results: Public-Private Collaboration on Deforestation-Free Supply Chains
This report identifies areas of cooperation that will help companies achieve their sustainability goals and support countries’ need to lower emissions from land use.

Highlighted project

World Bank Pilot Auction Facility: Exploring opportunities for going beyond the pilot phase
Climate Focus together with its partners has been appointed to manage the project and provide consulting services for the World Bank's Pilot Auction Facility (PAF) for Climate Change Mitigation.

Recent projects

Climate Focus in collaboration with partner institutions is working on the NYDF Progress Assessment that aims to create an...
The World Bank mandated Climate Focus with its consortium partners to explore ways in which to mobilize climate finance to...
Climate Focus supported the NAMA design process in developing approaches for structuring measuring and implementing large-scale...


11 September 2016
Double counting can occur in multiple forms and, unless properly dealt with, risks compromising the environmental integrity of the climate regime by distorting actual greenhouse emissions achieved.
11 September 2016
The Paris Agreement establishes a new set of mechanisms for voluntary cooperation between countries. Binding these approaches together is the overarching goal of Article 6.1.
11 September 2016
Climate Focus is currently working on the second edition of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Progress Assessment Report, set to be released in early November 2016.
25 August 2016
On August 24, Charlotte Streck hosted the Sinfonía Trópico book launch event in Bogotá, Colombia and gave a lecture on European and German climate policy.